Creativity with found objects for my trike.




I’ve finalized the modification to the back of my trike (for now). On the right side, I have mounted a PVC tube to hold my cane and my bike locks. On the left, I have added my camelback to the back side of the seat, and have added a retractable connector that always brings the mouthpiece back to the same place, out of the way but with easy access. What a great day!

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Ethan has some worsening swelling at the lp shunt tie-off site.

Ethan is not complaining of any headaches, or any pain at all, and has become almost normal in his mobility (though weak). Given that, we do find it a bit concerning that the site of the shunt tie-off seems to be swelling a bit more day to day. Problem? We don’t know.

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and now a granuloma? at the wound site?

One pic is Ethan on the 31st in his Dale Earnhardt Jr. costume.  Because he had to spend most of his time laying flat in the wagon, I put the number 88 on the side.  It cheered him up for a few minutes.

The other picture shows that his pseudo-cyst is staying flat, but there appears to be a granuloma growing at the last spot to heal.  Problem?  I guess we will ask around.  Unless you are our physician looking at it… in which case, we did.


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again with the trouble

pics from 29 october 2011.


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Ethan’s last surgery at the point of the leak was 9 days ago.  We were discharged from the hospital last Thursday, and stayed one night at RMHC.  We got home late Friday night.  It is now Sunday morning, and Ethan awoke to his belt, dressings, and pj’s covered in red tinged spinal fluid.  Upon removing the heavily soaked dressings, we noted the trickle of fluid continuing from near the top of the suture line.  I called Dr. Wehby’s service; Dr. Dorsen recommended that I drive him to Portland to have him admitted prior to Dr. Wehby’s return on Monday.

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2 days later.

We are noticing that the suture line on his back is weeping interstitial fluid; I think this is a pressure sore. He has had non-stop pressure here for the last 3.5 weeks.

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Temporary Ethan photo page

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