Ethan’s last surgery at the point of the leak was 9 days ago.  We were discharged from the hospital last Thursday, and stayed one night at RMHC.  We got home late Friday night.  It is now Sunday morning, and Ethan awoke to his belt, dressings, and pj’s covered in red tinged spinal fluid.  Upon removing the heavily soaked dressings, we noted the trickle of fluid continuing from near the top of the suture line.  I called Dr. Wehby’s service; Dr. Dorsen recommended that I drive him to Portland to have him admitted prior to Dr. Wehby’s return on Monday.


About Wade L.

Hey I'm a truck driver that doesn't drive for now. I'm a bicyclist that can't ride right now. I'm a runner that wanted to like running but can't right now. I'm a skiier that will be watching from the lodge with hot coffee. I'm the nutcase who sold his car to ride his bike everywhere, but I just bought a car again. I'm the guy that looks ungainly with the cane; I just started with it. I'm 46 years old. My mind wants to act like I'm still 25, but my body feels like it is 70. I'm frustrated but hopeful. I'm a Dad of young kids and a husband, and I treasure all the time God has given me.
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