and now a granuloma? at the wound site?

One pic is Ethan on the 31st in his Dale Earnhardt Jr. costume.  Because he had to spend most of his time laying flat in the wagon, I put the number 88 on the side.  It cheered him up for a few minutes.

The other picture shows that his pseudo-cyst is staying flat, but there appears to be a granuloma growing at the last spot to heal.  Problem?  I guess we will ask around.  Unless you are our physician looking at it… in which case, we did.



About Wade L.

Hey I'm a truck driver that doesn't drive for now. I'm a bicyclist that can't ride right now. I'm a runner that wanted to like running but can't right now. I'm a skiier that will be watching from the lodge with hot coffee. I'm the nutcase who sold his car to ride his bike everywhere, but I just bought a car again. I'm the guy that looks ungainly with the cane; I just started with it. I'm 46 years old. My mind wants to act like I'm still 25, but my body feels like it is 70. I'm frustrated but hopeful. I'm a Dad of young kids and a husband, and I treasure all the time God has given me.
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